Each client, each product and each announcement is unique; no singular avenue of communication can reach everyone you need to hear your story. To maximize potential, we combine traditional and non-traditional practices to boldly service and beautifully complement your brand.

Media Relations

You have a story to tell and a product to sell. You have an impression to make that is exclusively yours, so you need a strategy that is just as exceptional. We take the time to get to know you, your stakeholders and your beliefs — then we work hand-in-hand to develop a communications plan with clear objectives and tactics to take you to the next level.

executive Positioning & Visibility

As a leader in your organization, you’re an expert in your field — a trendsetter who’s aware of the other aces in your space. We turn this expertise into your brand by creating a platform for you to share your knowledge — everywhere from broadcast to print to social media, through op-eds, speaking opportunities and awards.

Crisis Communications

The best-laid plans sometimes go awry. That’s a reality, but it doesn’t have to be a catastrophe. We build contingency plans for if things go off-course, and work side-by-side in real time to navigate the scenario and reduce or eliminate damage to your brand and reputation.


From strategy to campaign development to community management, our team provides thinking and execution that fully integrates and amplifies your voice in the social space. A strong, intentional social media presence builds awareness and allows your brand to connect on a deeper level with your target audience. Our motto: post with a purpose.

Influencer Marketing

There’s nothing like word-of-mouth to sell your product or service. We connect you with relevant celebrities, tastemakers, experts and social media influencers to add third-party perspective and bring your brand to a new audience. Their voices help further your reach — it’s as simple as that!

Partnerships & Sponsorships

Aligning yourself with like-minded partners is an effective way to reach new audiences, grow your business and boost your brand affinity. Successful partnerships and sponsorships allow both parties to tell their story to consumers who may not know what they’re missing. It’s a win-win!